Sunday, 14 December 2008

My Research, Ideas and Inspiration

When I was working on my essay I chose question 3 which was to discuss and analyze the work of two animators Max Fleischer and Paul Driessen looking at their styles and techniques, also their use of drawings as a dynamic form in their animation. In particular I am going to look at Max Fleischer cartoon ‘Popeye’ and Paul Driessen’s film ‘3 Misses’ because their styles are very different.

Paul Driessen's Animation Work

"Home on the Rails"


Paul is famous for using horizontal lines. He uses it in the film ‘Air’ e.g.. Fig 3 it’s use is to emphasize the character and the scene he is portraying. The horizontal line helps to emphasize passivity in the bird. The bird appears to accept his fate before he dies. The horizontal line is shown with the bird perched on it looking downward with a sad expression. His blob like drawing is apparent. In figure 4 the fishes are trevelling towards the line gasping for air before they die. Paul is famous for his suspense.


Max Flescher's Creations of Popeye and Betty Boop.
"Max Fleischer’s style can be associated with Expressionism and Surrealism. Max has been able" to capture the sensitive and lovable nature of Popeye rather than his physical form.

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