Saturday, 4 April 2009

Ani Maidstone Trailer

My idea for the Ani Maidstone trailer is to have an artificial jungle invading the college. I’ve watched a DVD “One Dot Zero” ,“Tyger” by Guilherme Marcondes as my inspiration. “Taiga” is a trailer concerning a tiger that was walking around the city turning it into an artificial jungle and turning people into animals.

I’ve been researching using the Internet, DVD and Library books. I’ve taken pictures of areas inside and outside the college, I have loaded these pictures into my computer and printed them I have also done experimental drawings. The photographs from my camera were not used because of the poor quality. I used pictures from another camera which was of a better quality I drew a storyboard of what my animation would look like. I realized I made a long storyboard which would have used too much time to animate therefore I decided to make a shorter and simpler one from start to finish.

This is a video preview of the UCA logo. It appears in the form of mixed materials as modeling clay and cut outs.

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