Sunday, 14 March 2010

MTV 2 Sharts

My project is to create an animation involving musical celebrities I listen to their music on my MPG4. I researched Nexus Production, watched videos on Youtube about trailers and movies of MTV. I looked at soul train. Soul Train is a syndicated, music-related television program. In it’s 35-year history, the show primarily featured performances by rhythm and blues, soul, and hip-hops artists, also jazz musicians and gospel singers. I have also watched MTV music channel along with MTV+1 base, hits and dance. These inspired me to develop my project. I listened to different types of music I was hoping to obtain music representing the sound of a train. I listened to music of Thomas the Tank Engine-Night Train and the Railway (Train) Music Theme on DVD Extras menu. However I did not find them suitable. Therefore I used music from the celebrity I chose -50 Cent.

On completing my research I chose three celebrities because I liked their music. I listen to their music to relax. However I then reduced the celebrities to one to complete my project because of the deadline. The research also helped me with my ideas for example a train line resembled the notations of music. Therefore I decided to use a train line and the musical notes to represent it.

I then decided to use symbols to depict the particular celebrity e.g. money to represent the celebrity-50 Cent. Having identified the symbols I decided to show the musical notes being transformed into the symbols. I chose a light background to enhance the symbols that I used. At the end the chosen celebrity 50 cent comes alive. The softwares I used were Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Stop motion, and After-Effects. I ensured that the ‘animated project’ lasted for fifteen seconds.

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