Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Misunderstood boy with Autism

I’m creating an animation called the misunderstood boy who has a disability-autism. Before I chose this topic I brainstormed and draw a mind map. I then began my research. During my research I looked at several videos in order to develop an idea for my animation. I looked at animations created by students from UCA e.g. one that portrayed a man who was obsessed with Mickey Mouse. I watched Careful, which is about a 7 year old girl who was sent on a mission to post a letter by her controlling mother. Also I looked at the Procrastination (Tales of Mere Existence series), which is about a character dialoging about getting his work done and aspects of life that has been described as hilarious. I then watched Mousecape, which is about being misunderstood and the thought then came to me to develop my animation about being misunderstood.

I chose this idea because it’s an opportunity to show and prove to the audience that meeting people who are acting weird and silly should not be judged in a discriminatory manner before understanding the reason for their actions. I have autism (disability) and I have personal experiences about being misunderstood. I used myself as a character telling a story about being born with autism and having problems and making mistakes before people understood and offered help and support.

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Anonymous said...

Great work Robert, your piece makes me smile.