Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Caws of Cancer

My animation or short film highlights smoking as one of the causes of cancer. It involves three crows. Two of them were smoking. A third crow called the Professor saw them smoking and advised them of the consequences of their actions which is that smoking can lead to cancer and then death. One crow finally succumbs to the effects of smoking and falls onto the bench and dies. The idea to use birds came from the newspaper article in the Metro-“The Caws of Cancer”. When I read the article I found it to be hilarious. The adverse effects of smoking and cancer have been in the media recently. This and the government policy to ban smoking in public places influenced me to use this topic for my short film. 

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naahemmings said...

Ha ha I love this story, I really like the way the smart bird moves when he flys in as well.
Nice stuff.

- Naomi